Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attaching a video camera to a telescope

Being duly impressed with my new Sony video camera (HDR-CX150), I just had to
try it out at the telescope. Hand-holding the camera up to the eyepiece showed
possiblities so I immediately thought about how to attach the camera in a solid
fashion. After some research to determine the specs of the threaded front
(30mm), I shopped around for a step-up ring to mate to a standard 42mm T-ring.
When I couldn't locate one, Jim Henson at ScopeStuff suggested he could assemble

Here is a picture of the set-up:
The eyepiece projection adapter houses a 17mm eyepiece.

And here is a brief clip to show the results:

Of course the quality of the video is mainly determined by a number of factors
other than the means of connection (image quality, optics, procesing skills).
And the same could be achieved using a DSLR with live view. But, this new
adapter provides a solid, secure way to connect any T-thread device to an HD
video camera.

The product code at ScopeStuff is TTSH.

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