Monday, December 20, 2010

Resources in Astronomy

A compilation of astronomy related resources to educate, to participate in, or to just enjoy.

Professional and quasi-professional organizations
Amateur Observers' Program - Project to locate asteroids and comets:
APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day:
APOD - Jupiter movie:
Arizona State University - Space Exploration Resources:
Astronomy Magazine - See also Sky & Telescope Magazine below
Atlas of the Universe - The Universe within 100 million lightyears:
Cornell University - Ask an Astronomer:
D.A.T.A. - Demonstrations and Animations for Teaching Astronomy:
Galaxy Zoo - Project to classify galaxies; open to the public:
Galaxy Zoo - Wikipedia:
Google Earth - Sky:
Heavens Above - Includes ISS Position:
Hubble Site - All things related to the Hubble telescope:
International Dark Sky Association - The Light Pollution Authority:
Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope - Software:
NASA Satellite Sighting Information - Identifies ISS sightings for Arizona:®ion=Arizona
NASA Television - Watch NASA TV on your PC:
NASA/JPL - Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn & Titan:
NASA/JPL - Saturn Observation Campaign:
NASA/JPL Home page - NASA/JPL News and links to NASA missions:
NASA/JPL Night Sky Network - Resource for Astronomy Clubs:
NASA World Book - Index of World Book @ NASA Articles:
Project HiRise - High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment:
Resources for Teaching Astronomy:
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Explore the Universe:
Science at Nasa - Headline News:
SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space:
SEDS.Org - List of Common Deep Sky Catalogs:
Sky & Telescope Interactive Star Chart:
Sky & Telescope Magazine - The venerable astronomy publication: - Amazing on-line sky map software: - Simple but effective sky charts: - A veritable space channel: - Daily space digest:
Stellarium - Free Planetarium Software:
STSci - Space Telescope Science Institute (note the Education Toolbox):
Universe Awareness - an inspirational program for young children:
University of Arizona - Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter:
US Naval Observatory - Data Services:
US Naval Observatory - Home page:

Below are vendors/suppliers of astronomy products and services
Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird:
Astromart - website provided by Anacortes; includes classified ads of previously owned equipment:
Astronomics - Telescopes & Telescope Accessories:
Exploradome - A home observatory:
Global Rent-a-Scope - rent time on a telescope:
LifePixel - Infrared camera conversion services: Life Pixel
Oceanside Photo & Telescope:
Seasonal Star Charts - Waterproof, colorful star charts: - Control a telescope over the internet:
Software Bisque - TheSkyX, TheSky6, among others:
Starizona - Adventures in Astronomy & Nature, located in Tucson, AZ:
Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes - Woodland Hills, CA:

Places to visit/stay (astronomy Bed & Breakfasts)
Arizona Sky Village - Portal, Arizona:
The Astronomer's Inn (defunct) - Benson, Arizona:
New Mexico Skies - Mayhill, New Mexico:

Internationally known amateur astronomers and astrophotographers ("today's heroes")
Anthony Ayiomamitis - Astrophotography and exoplanet research:
Bernard Hubl - Astrophotography:
Christopher Go - NASA Link:
Christopher Go's Jupiter site:
Ginger Mayfield - Sample tripod photo - good for students interested in photography:
Jerry Lodriguss - Catching the Light - Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss:
Johannes Schedler - Panther Observatory:
Nicholas Outters - Astrophotography from France:
Robert Gendler - Whose many photos are featured on APOD:
Russell Croman - Astrophotography:
(And, many more)

Astronomy Clubs
Amateur Astronomers Assoc. of Pittsburgh:
East Valley Astronomy Club (EVAC) - Gilbert, AZ:
Saguaro Astronomy Club - Phoenix, AZ:
Superstition Mountain Astronomical League - Gold Canyon/Apache Junction, AZ:
Tacoma Astronomical Society:

(The list is still growing. Contact the author to add your organization to this list.)

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