Sunday, June 4, 2017

M20 - The Trifid Nebula 04-Jun-2017

Single frame. 120s @ ISO800.
ES102ED FCD100 with the ATR8 yielding f/l=573mm @f/5.6, taken with the Nikon D5300a.


Saturation; Lightening and Contrast in ImagesPlus. Followed by color balance,  ARL 5x5x5, contrast via micro curves, in IP.
One pass unsharp mask and resized to 50pct in TP.

120sec;ARL 5x5 5x;AS/P=1.44;Bias=9;bin-1x1;Celestron Advanced VX;Configuration-20170601;Cropped;Darks=0;Dithered not;ES102ED FCD100;f/5.6;FL=573;Flats=0;fr=Astro-Tech ATR8;IR-Mod;ISO=800;M020;n=1;Nikon D5300a;PBase;PREVIEW_20170604-02h51m16s899ms-TPadj2-IPadj;Resize=Not;Show;Slideshow Astro;Uploaded;

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