Wednesday, May 10, 2017

M57 - The Ring Nebula 29-Apr-2017

Distance 2.3kly (per )

Telescope configuration: Celestron EdgeHD 1100 with the Celestron 0.7x focal reducer (fl=1960mm, f/7.0).
Camera: Nikon D5300a (IR-modified). Exposure data: Best 10 of 12 images at a variety of exposures between 180 and 360 seconds at IS800. Ambient temp ~49°f.
Image capture scale: 0.41 arc-seconds/pixel (i.e., un-binned). Field of view (horizontal) = 15.5 arc-min. Image capture using TSXPro Camera Add On (Software Bisque) via BackyardNikon.
Mount: Orion HDX110 German equatorial mount. Autoguided with a QHY5L-II monochrome planetary & autoguider camera, a Celestron OAG (off-axis guider) using PHD2 autoguiding software, not dithered.
Post processing: ImagesPlus 6.5: NEF conversion and calibration, alignment, stacking/combining using 0 dark frames, a 9 bias frame master and 0 flat frames, HDR Adaptive Add Average combined.
Stretching and DDP in ImagesPlus Image Processing 6.5.
One pass unsharp mask in ThumbsPlus v10.

Cropped to final dimensions and resized to 50pct. Final image scale/resolution 0.82 as/p.

Seeing: FWHM: 3.04 pixels, 2.49 arcseconds (per TSXPro ImageLink).


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