Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NGC3169/3166/3165 (l-r) - Galaxy grouping in Sextans 23-Mar-2017

Distance 57Mly

Telescope configuration: Celestron EdgeHD 1100 with the Celestron 0.7x focal reducer (fl=1960mm, f/7.0).
Camera: Nikon D5300a (IR-modified). Exposure data: 7 - 8 min. exposures at IS1600. Ambient temp ~50°f.
Image capture scale: 0.41 arc-seconds/pixel (i.e., un-binned). Field of view (horizontal) = 25.2arc-min. Image capture using TSXPro Camera Add On (Software Bisque) via BackyardNikon.
Mount: Orion HDX110 German equatorial mount. Autoguided with an SBIG Sti autoguider, a Celestron OAG (off-axis guider) using PHD2 autoguiding software, not dithered.
Post processing: ImagesPlus 6.5: NEF conversion and calibration, alignment, stacking/combining using 0 dark frames, a 0 bias frame master and 0 flat frames, Min/Max Exluded Average combined.

Cropped to final dimensions. No downsizing. Final image scale/resolution 0.41 as/p.

Seeing: FWHM: 3.26 pixels, 2.67 arcseconds (per TSXPro ImageLink).


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