Thursday, February 10, 2011

For users of the Celestron NexStar system

Several members of our august group have Celestron telescopes which use the
popular NexStar system. (Note that NexStar has been used as both a telescope
model and also as the name of the software that controls a variety of Celestron

I'd like to refer those members to some terrific resources that are available
that go beyond the typical user manual.

First is the Yahoo group devoted to the NexStar system (software) itself:
(Since you are already a Yahoo user, it will be easy to "Join This Group".)

Another is the Yahoo group that covers the NexStar 8 telescopes:
Notice that it also covers the 8SE telescopes and I'm sure most of this is true
for the 6SE, and others.

But probably the most comprehensive resource available for NexStar users of all
varieties is the NexStar Resource Site, produced by Michael Swanson:

It has links to everything related to the NexStar system, including the user
manuals - as well as links to Celestron
for downloading firmware updates.

If you own a NexStar telescope of any type, these resources are invaluable. Let
me know how these work out for you.

We can also review these on-line in the next meeting if anyone wishes, maybe in
the 3pm telescope clinic session.

Thanks and take care,

Bill Shaheen

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