Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Horsehead and Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom says that when shooting flat frames one should
not rotate the camera or in any way change the optics. I certainly
wouldn't argue with that but as an unexpected opportunity to image
the Horsehead came up the other night I just had to capture it in
all its glory. And, even though I had just put together a master flat
of 32 frames the previous morning, the one flaw I saw seemed to be on
the camera's filter. So, I took a shot and here's the result of 12 -
12 min. subs:


Now, I'm not advocating this as a matter of practice. But, consider
that since I'm using a refractor and did not have a focal reducer in
the light path, the nearest optic after the camera and filter is the
telescope's objective, which is 3 ft. away.

At any rate, I think it turned out pretty well. Of course, the darks,
bias frames and chilly temperature (for me) didn't hurt.

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